Five Most Influential Florists Globally

1. Gregor Lersch –
Gregor Lersch is a well known German designer who is famous for his plant designs. He is referred to as the “Master of all Master Florists.” He has won many national and international awards. Lersch is also author to 30 floral design books and speaks six different languages.

2. Klaus Wagner –
Wagner’s name is usually taken alongside Gregor’s as he is equally famous in the florist circle. He too hails from Germany. However, Klaus is more of an outdoor florist and a nature lover. Klaus’s work has gained a lot of recognition across various internet platforms such as Pinterest and other social media. This puts him in a position of advantage over his competitors as his online presence can help a great deal in his brand building for the long term.


3. Kristin Banta –
Banta is one of the most acclaimed designers in Los Angeles. She is a wedding favorite amongst the celebrities. Her creativity and branding is the next level, and this has fed her growth into Television. Kristin has also been a part of many T.V shows such as the Wedding Party, Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo, Syfy, Keep the Party Moving on Style, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Cupcake Wars on Food Network, and Home & Family on Hallmark Channel. Therefore keeping in mind her widespread visual media presence, she is definitely one of the top florists in the wedding floral designing list on a global front.

4. Joe Guggia –
Joe was a hidden gem for most of his career, but he gained the instant spotlight for his innovative twist on everyday retail. Guggia is highly passionate about his work and is also appreciated for his artful permanent creations. He’s a big-time influencer on internet and networking platforms such as LinkedIn and other social media. His fan following on the internet is unbeatable and growing with every second. Thereby, his online presence has increased his brand’s prospects by a large margin. Additionally, his AIFD Cert gives him an edge over others in the industry for the design street cred.

5. Andrew Parravano –
Andrew Parravano is a credible speciality wedding designer with years of experience in the field. Although the retail side of his business is still very young and in its budding stages, his company, Andrew’s Garden has been in existence for quite some time and is quite well known for its niche open bucket European studio space and original designs. He was one of the first designers to introduce people to the concept of an open floral design studio. Post this initiative, more and more florists are implementing this idea. In addition to his creativity in floral designs, he is also great at a lot of other things such as photography and photo editing.

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